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China hints at retaliation over US 'bullying' of state media

He explained that the movement exposes"that the hypocrisy of their united states of america' socalled flexibility of the media because obvious dual conventional and hegemonic bullying".

China on Tuesday accused the United States of both"bullying" and issued a veiled threat of retaliation later Washington cut on the quantity of Chinese nationals enabled to use Beijing's social press in American land.

Australian ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian explained China"clearly opposes and condemns" that the usa statement, including that it effortlessly implies the expulsion of Chinese journalists.

Even the US movement uses China but the united states said that its decision has been founded on leveling amounts between your states as opposed to retaliating on this material minding three WallStreet Journal reporters a month.

"from the Cold War state of mind and governmental prejudice, the US state dept makes use of groundless motives to oppress Chinese press businesses established in america," Zhao said in a normal media briefing.

Declaring China reserves the privilege to respond and require additional actions, Zhao included:"This had been the usa who headed the policies of this match , China will simply follow lawsuit."

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